Building Projects

Citibee Nigeria Limited is a diversified company which can provide high quality and construction of Residential and Office Building as well as Sport/Recreation facilities. Excellent building play an important role in today’s societies. Besides functionality, they stand for the quality of life and reflect the business success of their owner. Citibee Nigeria Limited is committed to designing and constructing building in the quality and in the time specified by its clients.

Industrial Projects

The government and many private companies are investing nationwide in various industrial plants aiming at producing both local and imported goods. Citibee Nigeria Limited has always been a major player in this competitive industrial competition, it is recognized by its clients to be reliable partner with strong commitment to deliver its services on time, in the quality they expect, and to observe health, safety and Environmental standards.

Pipeline Projects

Our alliance with World class, Chinese Construction Company YUWAN CONSTRUCTION GROUP gives the company direct access to the latest practices through Research and Development to demonstrate high level of competence in the provision of high quality pipeline construction and installations services. We are committed to leading successfully and accomplishing pipeline construction and installation projects in remotes locations and across difficult terrains.

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